Monthly Archives: October 2013

Trade Shows: What I Learned Working the Other Side of the Booth 3

I spent 20 years working trade shows from behind an exhibitor’s booth table. And in my role as a business-to-business magazine editor at those events, that’s where I typically remained — available to meet readers and discuss stories or story ideas. I’ve written plenty of articles over the years packed with tips about how to […]

Wave Goodbye to These Useless Words 1

Lately, new lists of words to avoid when writing have popped up again on websites. While we agree with what’s on those lists — “literally,” “amazing,” “really,” “got” — some words remain consistently overlooked. Here are five more words or references often seen in business correspondence, reports and presentations to which you need to bid a not-so-fond […]

Get Music Reviewers to Fall in Love With You 2

Once upon a time, record labels would send music journalists batches of LPs (and later CDs) with fancy folders containing everything a writer would want to know about the album and the artist. As the significance of record companies dwindled, DIY artists took promotional matters into their own hands, and that’s when things got frustrating […]