Four Ways Robin Williams and ‘Dead Poets Society’ Inspire Writers

All of us, regardless of age, have a favorite Robin Williams movie. He was just that kind of actor. As society grapples with the challenges of depression — and the related questions that Williams’ tragic death brings to the forefront — I revisited not only my favorite Robin Williams movie, but one of my all-time […]


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How Should Bloggers ‘Read’ Their Audiences? 2

When blogging experts tell you to “write for your audience,” they’re presuming you already know the type of people who read your posts. For the purposes of this particular post, I’m making the same presumption. But how do you actually write for those people? How do you know your words aren’t fluttering above their heads, […]

‘Like’ Us on Facebook, and We’ll Remind You Why Words Still Matter 2

Do you get frustrated when other people misuse apostrophes, or are you a misuser yourself? Do you agree that “reading is the gateway to whatever we want to do” and that “nothing leaves a bad first impression like a poorly written or poorly punctuated email”? And do you simply enjoy words because they’re words? If […]

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How To Think Like An Editor

We’re all editors these days. Every day. All day. Whenever we write — a business proposal, a research paper, an article, a blog post, an email, a social media comment or even a text — we should be editing ourselves. But who am I kidding? Seems like self-editing has gradually become a thing of the […]